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Kitchen Door Care Instructions

We recommend the following door cleaning instructions for all of our doors:

• Clean the doors with mix of 95% lukewarm water with no more than 5% soap.
• DO NOT spray anything on to your doors, including solution above.
• Use a clean damp (not wet) cloth
• Dry with a soft clean cloth. for timber door, run the cloth with the grain direction.
• Any cooking marks must be wiped immediately.
• Do not allow liquids to seep into joints of doors. Wipe any spillages immediately.

DO NOT use any of the products listed below to clean the door as they may mark and damage the surface:
• Wax furniture polish
• Bleach / chlorine based cleaning products
• Abrasive cleaners
• Solvents
• Multi-purpose cleaners
• Alcohol based cleaners
• Ammonia or any other similar product
• Scouring pads or abrasive cloths

Environmental Information:

Newly plastered rooms and plaster repairs should be left to dry out thoroughly before installation of doors, whatever their material. 

Please be aware, localised or intense heat/steam can damage fascias. Subsequently the use of small appliances such as kettles, toasters etc. in close proximity to your kitchen fascias should be avoided.

Doors should not be exposed to extreme temperature changes. Due to their
manufacturing process, vinyl doors must not be exposed to temperatures
above 70ºC as this may cause damage to the door’s surface.